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Awesome experience

Pratik Kokane

Very good place. Near to nature ….away from worries…

Pawan Kushawaha

Nice resort

Prashant Morde

Awsome, very relax felling loction…

Nabi Shekh

Awesome resort

Rupesh Kasabe

निसर्गाच्या कुशीत वसलेले squirrel resort

एकदा अवश्य भेट द्या।

ज्यावेळी याल तेव्हा नक्कीच दिलखूष होणार शब्द आहे माझा

Akshay Kokane

Nice place to visit

Ganesh Gejage

Best place to stay on vacation with loved ones.

Anshul Bheniye