Synchronizing You with Nature

Resort located in lush green forest & surrounded by a beautiful environment with lovely views and unbeatable ambiance in Shinoli Village, near Manchar-Ghodegaon & the mountain valley of Bhimashankar.

Squirrel Resort is quite aware of the fact that living in the open air, inhaling the freshness, drinking the dews, sighting the harmony in complexity, and resonating the same peace within, is what mankind’s longing for.

Amidst glorious mountains, dense trees enriched with its floral and faunal variety lies a space to surrender yourself to nature. Squirrel Resort is an attempt made to escape to nature.

The wholesomeness and hugeness that nature carries are being unexplored by many. The resort imparts the experience of living in the companionship of nature and realizing how you too are a part of nature and not apart from it. The oneness with nature could only be felt by sparing some quality time in it and with it.

For you to have a quality time in nature, to experience the unexplored dimension of yourself and nature, Squirrel resort has come up with the conceptual resort. With the concept of making your stay in nature’s company to be equally luxurious. This combination of pursuing natural beauty along with lavish amenities is made accessible to you by us at Squirrel Resort.

We aim at planting, intentional and non-accidental memories for you with and in nature.